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Naskręt - Naskrent - Wietrzychowski
Created by Administrator Account in 5/11/2010 12:29:16 PM


... Hello. Any information you could provide me on Wietrzychowska and/or Naskrent would be greatly appreciated. I'm having very little luck in my research.

Wietrzychowska is just the feminine form of Wietrzychowski, the ultimate root of which is the word wiatr, "wind." However, words ending in -owski usually indicate a connection of a family with a place that had a name ending in -ów or -owo or something similar. There is a village Wietrzychowo in the province of Olsztyn, and that's one place name the surname Wietrzychowski could refer to. Other possibilities are Wietrzychowice in Tarnów and Wloclawek provinces, and there could have been any number of places too small to show up on maps that could generate surnames. So the most we can say is that this surname means "person from Wietrzychowo" or some place with a similar name, and that place name comes from the root meaning "wind." This is not a common name in Poland, as of 1990 there were only 74 Wietrzychowski's, living in the provinces of Bydgoszcz (19), Konin (12), Koszalin (5), Leszno (11), Pila 5, Szczecin (6), Wroclaw (16); unfortunately I have no further details such as first names or addresses.

Naskrent can also be spelled Naskręt, with the Polish nasal vowel written as an e with a tail under it and pronounced much like en; any name with ę is likely to be spelled with ę or en, and any name with en is likely to be spelled with ę. As of 1990 there were 201 Poles who used the spelling Naskrent and 1,501 who used Naskręt. I don't have solid information on exactly what the name comes from, but it probably is connected to the expression naskrzętnie, "crossways," or na, "on" + skręt, "turn, veer." Of the Naskręt's, the largest numbers lived in the provinces of Leszno (522), Poznan (372), and Wroclaw (98) -- so the name seems most common in western Poland (the pattern is the same for Naskrent).

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