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Created by Administrator Account in 5/11/2010 12:38:36 PM


... Please, see if you can check a surname of Bielenda

I can find no source with definitive information on the meaning of the name. There are a bunch of Polish names that come from the root bial-/biel-, "white," and this may well be one of them. There is a suffix -enda sometimes added to Polish roots to make names, so biel- + -enda = Bielenda is at least plausible. If that's how the name originated, I suppose it would be something like "Whitey" in English, maybe a nickname for a person with very fair skin or light-colored hair. All this is a very plausible educated guess, however, and it could well be the name comes from something else -- I just don't have enough data to say.

If it does come from something else, it's worth noting that there is a Ukrainian verb belendity meaning "chat, chatter, stutter." That could very well be the source of this surname, because as of 1990 there were 345 Polish citizens named Bielenda. The largest concentration by far (204) lived in the province of Rzeszów in southeastern Poland, with the next-largest number (23) in the province of Tarnobrzeg, immediately to the north of Rzeszów -- and there were a few living here and there in provinces scattered all over Poland. So it would appear the name probably originated in southeastern Poland, and that's an area where Polish and Ukrainian mix to a considerable extent. So a person from that area, even though he's a Pole, might well have a name influenced by Ukrainian.

As I say, I don't have enough to prove anything either way, and this name may well come from the root meaning "white." But in view of the data on geographical distribution, I lean toward the "chatter, stutter" meaning. I suspect Bielenda started as a nickname for a person who tended to chatter away, or perhaps stuttered. If you would like to try to get something more definite, I suggest writing the Anthroponymic Workshop in Kraków.

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