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Olejarz - Olejasz
Created by Administrator Account in 5/12/2010 9:31:54 AM


... What can you tell me about the surname: Olejasz?

This is a variant spelling of the name Olejarz, which comes from the word olejarz, "one who makes or sells oils." In Polish the rz is usually pronounced like the "s" in "measure," but at the end of words it tends to devoice to the sound of "sh," which is spelled sz in Polish. So that's why the name Olejarz could easily end up being spelled Olejasz -- that's what it sounds like.

As of 1990 there were 2,746 Polish citizens named Olejarz, living all over the country. There were only 20 who spelled the name Olejasz, living in the provinces of Warsaw (6), Biala Podlaska (3), Rzeszów (1), and Wroclaw (10). Unfortunately I don't have access to further details such as first names and addresses, so what I've given you here is all I have... It may be the people named Olejasz are the ones you should look for, but I would caution against jumping to that conclusion. Most Poles couldn't read and write back in the days of emigration, so names could get spelled any old way and people had no way of knowing better. Once the Communists took over and forced everyone to get at least an elementary education, more could read and write and name spellings tended to get standardized. A lot of folks who'd gone by Olejasz one time, Olejarz another, would have started spelling it the standard way, Olejarz, all the time. So as you do your research, be aware that the name's spelling may change along the way, and you may well find it spelled either way, even with your own ancestors.

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