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Erland - Świątkowski - Świontkowski
Created by Administrator Account in 5/12/2010 10:13:34 AM


...My wife's great-grandmother was a Waleria Erland from Lodz. It doesn't seem particularly Polish, but are there any other people with this last name in Poland?

As of 1990 there were 19 Polish citizens named Erland; 1 lived in Warsaw province, the other 18 lived in Łódz province. So there are still people by that name in the general area of Łódz (not necessarily in the city itself, but at least in the province of which Łódz is the capital). Unfortunately I have no access to further details such as first names, addresses, etc. Just possibly you could have a search done of the Łódz province phone directory, perhaps one of those 18 has a phone, and that would yield an address. I believe the Polish Genealogical Society of America can do this for a reasonable fee, or if you are persistent and ingenious you may be able to do it for yourself. It's the only way I know of that you might get an address for these Erland's.

...Her great-great-grandmother is a Teofila Swiontkowska from Warsaw. Is this name, either in this spelling or in the spelling Swiątkowska, a common one?

Yes, this is a fairly common name, although it is more common in the spelling Świątkowski -- both that spelling and Świontkowski are pronounced the same, something like "shvyont-KOFF-skee." As of 1990 there were 5,793 Poles who spelled the name Świątkowski, as opposed to only 48 who spelled it Świontkowski.

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