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Created by Administrator Account in 5/12/2010 10:27:00 AM


...Interested in finding info on Antoni Chichlowski born in Poland in 1882. Came to U.S. around 1912-1915 with wife Michalina and daughter Estelle. Lived in Trenton N.J. where my father was born (...Chciklowski) note last name change. Family then moved to Providence R.I. area where Antoni and brother split. No known area where brother settled. Family fianlly settled in Chicopee/Springfield Mass. where I was born.

As of 1990 there were 116 Polish citizens named Chichłowski (the ł stands for the Polish slashed l, pronounced like our w); they lived in the provinces of Warsaw (6), Gdansk (3), Gorzów (17), Katowice (1), Kielce (21), Konin (6), Legnica (6), Leszno (5), Opole (4), Poznan (7), Siedlce (3), Suwałki (2), Szczecin (12), Wroclaw (23). I don't have access to any further details such as first names or addresses, so that info may not be a lot of help, but for what it's worth, there it is.

Names ending in -owski usually started as a reference to a connection between a person or family and a place with a name ending in -ów or -owo or something like that. So this name probably started out meaning "person from Chichłowo" or some similar name. I cannot find any place by that name, but there is a village Chechłowo, served by Sledianów parish, in Białystok province, 13.5 km. northwest of Drohiczyn, that has been called Chichłowo in the past -- the surname could refer to that village. The root chechło means "marshy depression, wet meadows," so a village in or near such wet ground could get the name Chechłowo or Chichłowo or Chychłowo, and the surname could come from that. This is not necessarily the only place this surname could refer to, but it strikes me as the most likely candidate, without further details.

With your roots in R.I. and Mass., have you looked into the Polish Genealogical Society of the Northeast? They have done a lot of research on origins of Polish families living in Mass., Rhode Island, and New Jersey, including compiling indexes of those buried at Polish cemeteries in the Northeast. If you haven't tried the PGS-NE, you might want to consider joining it and seeing if it can offer you some leads.

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