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Jarocewicz - Jarosiewicz - Jaroszewicz
Created by Administrator Account in 5/12/2010 11:15:09 AM


... I am searching for information on my family history... Any information that you can give me about my family history would be much appreciated. The name is Jarocewicz. I have been told by my Grandmother that it is spelled the same in Polish and pronounced like Yarosevitch.

The suffix -ewicz means "son of," so this name would mean "son of Jarota" or some similar first name. That, in turn, probably started as a nickname or short form from one of the old pagan Slavic names with the first root jaro-, "sharp, harsh, severe," such as Jarosław (spelled Yaroslav by English phonetic values), Jaromir (there's a Czech-born hockey player for the Pittsburgh Penguins named Jaromir Jagr), etc. So all this name really tells you is that about the time surnames were becoming established, there was a fellow named Jarosz or Jarota or something like that who was well enough known in the community that folks started calling his kin by this name, much as the name "Johnson" or "Davidson" got started in English.

Jarocewicz is a pretty rare name, as of 1990 there were only 61 people by that name in all of Poland. The largest numbers of them lived in Białystok (24) and Siedlce (12) provinces -- I'm afraid I don't have access to more details, such as first names or addresses... Jarocewicz would be pronounced roughly "yaw-rote-SAY-vich." If the name was pronounced something like "yaw-row-SEV-itch," as your grandmother suggests, I can't wondering if it was Jarosiewicz, a much more common name (1,071 Poles by that name as of 1990), or Jaroszewicz, borne by 2,612 Poles. Both names sound something like "yah-row-SHEV-itch." Jarocewicz may be correct, but the other two are a lot more common and I thought I should at least mention the possibility that that's what the name will turn out to be.

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