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... We are looking for info onthe surname Jastrowizc.

The correct spelling would be Jastrowicz. The suffix -owicz can almost always be translated "son of," so Jastrowicz means "son of Jaster" (or Jastro or something like that). The only source I have that mentions this root jastr- says that there was an archaic word in Polish jastry meaning "swift, quick," so Jastrowicz may mean "son of the swift one," or it may mean "son of Jaster" where "Jaster" is a name or nickname, kind of like "Swifty" in English.

As of 1990 there were 220 Polish citizens named Jastrowicz. They were scattered all over the country, with larger numbers living in the provinces of Kalisz (53), Sieradz (24), Szczecin (27), and Zielona Gora (33). There isn't much of a definite pattern to this distribution, except that the name seems more common in western Poland, in the areas formerly ruled by the Germans. But the name itself is definitely Polish, not German.

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