Jaszyna - Ozga - Ożga
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... My mother's parents' surnames were Ozga and Jaszyna. Can you tell me anything about the origins of these names?

According to Polish name expert Prof. Kazimierz Rymut, Ozga comes from a root ożga (the z with a dot over it is pronounced like the "s" in "measure"), which means "fire." It's a common name, as of 1990 there were 4,204 Polish citizens named Ozga and another 1,739 who bore the name in the form Ożga.

Jaszyna is much rarer, as of 1990 there were only 53 Poles with this name, of whom 35 lived in the province of Tarnobrzeg in southeastern Poland, with the rest scattered in small numbers all over the country. None of my sources mention this name, so I can only make an educated guess: it's probably like most other names beginning with Jasz- in that it derives from nicknames for people with first names such as Jan, Jaromir, etc. Poles often formed names by taking the first couple of sounds from a first name -- such as Ja- from Jan or Jaromir or Jakub -- and adding suffixes to them, kind of like the way English formed "Teddy" out of "Theodore." Jaszyna could be a name formed that way from Jan, Jaromir, etc... That's not 100% certain, it's just the best I can come up with, given the info I have.

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