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Created by Administrator Account in 5/13/2010 9:58:19 AM

...I am interested in my surname: Fikus. My father (and mother) were from Poland, and the spelling was not changed in recent history. My father, Witold, was a concentration camp survivor, 1915-1996...

Fikus is a perfectly good Polish name; as of 1990 there were 1,138 Polish citizens with this name, so it is not uncommon in Poland. The Fikus's lived all over, with larger numbers in the provinces of Gdansk (102), Kalisz (163), Katowice (139), Opole (281), Poznan (59), and Wroclaw (63), and smaller numbers in many other provinces. I don't see a real pattern there, except that the name seems to be more common in western Poland, in the areas ruled by the Germans most of the last two centuries... None of my sources say definitively what the name derives from, but the most likely origins are from the noun fik, a variant of the word for "fig-tree," or from the verb fikać, "to kick, jump." It's quite common to see surnames derived from terms for trees, fruit, etc. -- it might mean an ancestor lived by a fig-tree, or liked to eat figs, or sold them. Or the name could have originated as a sort of nickname for someone who was always jumping and kicking, a very active person, full of nervous energy. Those seem the most likely origins for this name, although all this is just educated guesswork on my part, since, as I say, none of my sources discuss the derivation of the name.

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