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Created by Administrator Account in 5/16/2010 4:02:04 PM

I have often wondered the origin and meaning of my family name and wondered if you could shed any light in this matter. The surname is Daszkowski...

The name Daszkowski, like most names ending in -owski, probably started as a reference to a connection between a family and a particular place, in this case named something like Daszków or Daszkowo. I found only one place with a name that fits: a village that no longer exists, which was called Daszkowo or Doszkowo. It was near Gasiorow and Biezdziechow in what is now Poznan province, apparently just a few km. west of the town of Wrzesnia in Poznan province. It's possible other places existed with names this surname could derive from, but I can't find any others, so this just might be the place. It was referred to in 159 records as Daszkowo, but in most other records it was called Doszkowo. It seems fairly likely that that's what Daszkowski started out meaning, "person or family from Daszkowo/Doszkowo." The name of the village, in turn, means "Daszko's place" -- Daszko is a name we see in old records, used as a kind of nickname for popular first names such as Daniel or David (kind of like "Ted" from "Theodore"). So there was apparently a fellow named Daszko at some point who owned or established this village, and it was named for him, and your family had some connection with that place -- usually, it would just boil down to the fact that they lived there.

The name Daszkowski is moderately common in Poland, as of 1990 there were 1,084 Polish citizens named Daszkowski -- which is why I can't help but wonder if there were other small places named Daszkow or Daszkowo, which were too small to show up on maps, or changed their names, or were absorbed into other communities; it just seems odd that that many people could have gotten their name from one little village that doesn't even exist any more. Still, who knows? That's the only Daszkowo I could find. In any case, the Daszkowski's lived all over the country, with the largest numbers in the provinces of Warsaw (183), Bydgoszcz (78), Gdansk (185), Lodz (60), Slupsk (74), and Torun (104). It appears they're more common in the northcentral and central part of Poland than elsewhere, but there isn't enough of a pattern to let us pin it down any more precisely than that.

[Follow-Up On Daszkowski]

...Thanks for the information. I have since learned that my family is of Polish nobility and comes from the town called Daszki, which was given to them when they became nobility. The town of Daszki (which I am not sure if it still exists) was near Gdansk. My family had a large estate there until my great-great-great grandfather sold it (or lost it somehow) and immigrated to America. I know that some of the family ended up staying in Poland and had many children. This could explain at least some of the Daszkowski population (at least in that region)...

This is an excellent example of what I mean when I tell people "If you do a good job researching your family, you'll end up being far more of an expert on your names than I can ever hope to be!" None of my sources mentioned Daszki near Gdansk, and it's not on any of my maps. But you got the information, and it sounds fairly reliable to me. For a lot of Daszkowski's what I wrote would have been correct, but there's always one in every crowd 8-).

So ignore what I wrote about the derivation -- but at least the distribution data I gave you may be some help. And I'm pleased to hear you were able to come up with this info. It just proves, it's smart to listen to the "experts," but never take what they say as Gospel, and never stop digging on your own!

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