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Created by Administrator Account in 7/4/2010 3:40:19 PM


... I am having difficulty locating information on my Grandfather, Ignatz Kolbert, born in Biskupin, Prussian Poland in 1857. Is Kolbert actually a Polish name? Do you know if there are Kolberts in the area of his birth today? Do you know if there is a parish church for that town?

Kolbert is a German name, but millions of ethnic Germans lived in Poland until after World War II, when the majority of them relocated in East Germany. So it's not at all unusual to see German names show up in Poland. The name Kolbert is pretty rare in Poland today -- there are only 29 by that name, living in the provinces of Gdansk (1), Katowice (8), Kraków (1), Poznan (2), Sieradz (13), and Wroclaw (4). None of those provinces were in the part of Poland ruled by Prussia, so apparently there are no Kolberts left in the region you're talking about. Before World War II -- who knows? I have no data on that.

There are at least two towns or villages named Biskupin in the general area you're looking at, but the one in Bydgoszcz province, just a few km. south of Znin, is probably the one you want -- the other is in Wloclawek province, and if memory serves that's too far south to have been in West Prussia. The Biskupin in Bydgoszcz province does not have its own parish church; I'm not sure what village served it, but judging from the map I'd guess it would be Gasawa, just a few km. away.

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