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Created by Administrator Account in 7/4/2010 3:50:53 PM


... Hello..My name is ... Kosiorek and there has been some problems finding out what my last name means and well all about it. My grandfather had told me that long ago the name was just Kosior (blackbird or something?). And I was wondering if you could be of any help.

Going by information in Kazimierz Rymut's book on Polish surnames, Kosiorek comes from the term kosior, which means "undertaker" and may in turn derive from the basic root kos- which means "blackbird" (presumably the black an undertaker wears is the connection with the bird). The suffix -ek is a diminutive, meaning "little," so Kosiorek literally means "little undertaker," but as a surname probably meant more "son of the undertaker." As of 1990 there were 3,942 Kosiorek's in Poland, as opposed to 3,703 Kosior's, so both names are reasonably common. The name Kosiorek appears in Polish records as early as 1414; the name Kosior appears even earlier, in 1204.

So while the word for "blackbird" may figure into it, the direct derivation would appear to be "undertaker's son." It's possible your surname originally was just Kosior and the diminutive suffix was added later, or your grandfather may have just meant that kosior was the word the name derived from, and kosior in turn derived from the word for "blackbird."

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