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Łącki - Łoncki
Created by Administrator Account in 9/27/2010 8:40:19 AM


… I was wondering if you had any information on my last name of Loncki. I have a very small family with few relatives. Thanks for your time.

Loncki is usually a phonetic variant spelling of the name "properly" spelled Łącki; Ł is pronounced like our w, and Ą is pronounced like "own." We often see the Ł written as simple L, especially by non-Poles, and since Ą sounds a lot like ON, it is often spelled that way. So Loncki is probably a variant of Łącki, pronounced "WONT-skee." This name comes from the noun łąk, "meadow," or from place names from that same root such as Łąki, literally "meadows." In some cases it might also come from the verb łączyć, "to join, unite," or from ancient first names such as Łękomir -- but I think Loncki or Łącki would usually come from the connection with "meadow," either signifying a person who lived near a meadow or one who came from a place named Łąki or something similar because of its meadows.

The spelling Loncki is not very Polish, so it's not surprising there was no one living in Poland by that name as of 1990 -- Poles would naturally tend to spell it either Łoncki (47 by that name in 1990) or, more often, Łącki (3,343 Poles as of 1990). Such a surname could get started anywhere they spoke Polish and had meadows; and since Poland is basically one large mixture of fields and meadows, it's not surprising that it is common all over the country, with no perceptible pattern to the distribution.

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