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Otlewski - Otłowski
Created by Administrator Account in 1/23/2011 7:43:01 AM


… Fred will the Polish Library in West Bloomfield , Mi. get a copy of your book as well? They are located on Orchard Lake. I was there last week going thru your other book and was sorry to not find my family mentioned in it. I hope we made your new book! Otlewski is the surname.

Well, I have no way of knowing whether that Library will decide to get a copy -- but I hope they will think it's worth getting. For that matter, I can ask the PGSA to send them a free copy, perhaps they'll agree. But in any case, the new book deals only with first names, so it wouldn't have Otlewski in it.

I guess the version of my book you saw was the first edition; the second edition does include Otlewski. The best guess I could make is that this name derives from a place name (as do most names ending in -ewski and -owski), and the most likely candidate is the village now known as Otłowiec in Elbłag province (the Polish L with a slash through it is pronounced like our w). This place has also been known as Otłowo, and if you add the -ski suffix onto that, it would not be unusual for it to change in some cases to Otlewski, as well as Otłowski; linguistically speaking, it is plausible that both Otlewski and Otłowski derive from the same name, and this Otłowiec seems the best candidate I can find (although such names typically developed centuries ago, so these might also have derived from other place names that have since changed or disappeared).

As of 1990 there were 468 Polish citizens named Otlewski; the largest numbers of them lived in the provinces of Bydgoszcz (200) and Gdansk (71), with much smaller numbers scattered in other provinces. The name Otłowski was borne by 528 Poles as of 1990, with large numbers in the provinces of Ciechanow (102), Elblag (44), and Ostrołęka (144). I'm afraid I have no access to further details such as first names and addresses.

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