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Pałac - Paląc - Pałąc
Created by Administrator Account in 1/23/2011 7:55:47 AM


… Could you tell me anything about my Polish surname—Palac? I believe that originally the l was crossed and the a had a hook beneath it. I am trying to research my polish roots and this is my first step.

The form Pałac is a well-known name -- as of 1990 there were some 954 Poles by this name, living all over the country, with particularly large numbers living in the provinces of Krakow (133) and Rzeszow (110) and Wroclaw (88), which are in southcentral and southeastern Poland. This name seems to come from the term pałac, which means "palace"; it presumably referred originally to a person who lived or worked in or near a palace. Also possible is a name Paląc (the Polish nasal vowel written as an a with a tail under it is pronounced almost like "own"), which would come from the term palący, "burning." This name is quite rare, there was no Pole named Paląc as of 1990, and only 7 (all living in Lublin province) named Palący.

I could find no listing for Pałąc (pronounced roughly "PAH-wonts"). That doesn't mean the name couldn't exist, but it obviously must have been fairly rare if it did exist; presumably it came from the root pal- meaning "burn, heat," the same root that shows up in Palący. So I can't tell you for sure whether that name existed, or whether the name in your case was Pałac or Paląc, discussed above; just going by the odds, it would seem more likely it was Pałac, from the word for "palace." If it was Pałąc, I can't find anything on it.

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