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Gen Dobry!

About the Name "GEN DOBRY!"

For those of you who don't recognize it, "Gen Dobry!" is a play on words, based on the Polish greeting "Dzien dobry." That expression, pronounced roughly "jen do-bree" and meaning "Good day," is a standard way of saying "Hello." So "Gen Dobry!" is sort of a shameless cross lingual pun, as if to say "Good gen[ealogy]!" Of course, some spoilsport will point out that "gen" as short for "genealogy" might be pronounced with a hard "g," as in "go," rather than the soft "g" in "genealogy" - in which case the pun fails. To anyone who raises that point, all I can say is, lighten up - you'll live longer. Those ancestors you're researching aren't THAT anxious to see you!


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