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1891 Lwów Business Directory

This database contains the names of approx. 1400 businesses operating in Lwów in 1891. Most of these bear the surnames of the owners. For partnerships such as Czajkowski & Kielbuscewicz, entries can be found under both surnames. The directory was published in German so a translation of business types/professions into English is provided [as is a table converting Austrian street names into their Polish equivalents so that they can be found on the Polish street map of Lwów].


In 1891 a business directory was published in Vienna covering the Austrian province of Galicia (SE Poland and Western Ukraine in modern terms). A copy of this publication (Kaufmannisches Adressbuch fur Industrie, Handel und Gewerbe, XIV. Galizien, published by L. Bergmann & Comp., Wien IX Universitutmetr. 6) was found in the British Library (call number [PP 2440.BB C295]) and used to develop an online searchable database (1891 Galician Business Directory) hosted by JewishGen and completed in May 2000. The 20,000 entries were transcribed by Phyllis Kramer and Janet Kisz as a significant collaborative effort to make this data available to all interested in the province of Galicia whatever their ethnic/religious background.  At the time the work began several pages covering Lemberg (Lwów) were missing. These were later found and the data incorporated. Approx. 25% of the Lwów business entries had street addresses and these addresses were NOT featured in the online database for Galicia, so here we offer the complete directory for the city of Lwów in 1891. Thanks go to Phyllis Kramer for her inspirational support.

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