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World War I Polish Casualties in the Austrian Legions

The following list of information originates from a 72 page pamphlet entitled:


List of Sick, Wounded, Killed, and Missing Legionnaires up to April 1915


printed by the Central Records and Recruitment Section of the Military N.K.N (Naczelny Komitet Narodowy).


NOTE: These were NOT Hallercyzycy from America, but were Poles recruited in Austria before Haller's army was founded.


This pamphlet, obtained from a private collection, is written totally in Polish and lists the names of over 4500 soldiers who fell under the description of the title. The vast majority of those listed are Polish with a significant smaller number of German and Jewish names. All casualties appear to have dealt with those men in the Austrian army as battles/cities as well as hospitals appear to be in those sectors of Austrian Poland/ Galicia as well as Slovakia, Hungary, and Austria proper.


Each listing will usually have the following bits of information. For those men killed, missing in action, or wounded, the city/ town of battle where the occurrence took place as well as a date will be listed. For those in hospital, the name, date and city of the hospital is usually listed. Many times, BUT not always, a man's regiment, company and battalion are listed. This is not true for all names. For officer's, their rank will be listed. IMPORTANT** NOWHERE is there a listing of place of birth, age, birth date, or names of any family members.


What information may be gained from these listings are a place/battle where an ancestor fought and became a casualty, or a listing for a hospital where they were taken for recovery. This may lead to Austrian military hospital records. Of most importance are the regiment, battalion, and company (when listed), as these are always requested when trying to locate an enlisted man's recruitment papers through the Austrian Military War Archives. Most of these records have been filmed by the Family History Centers, but are not indexed. One needs to know the unit which a man fought in to locate his paperwork.


Copies of each listing with a translation is available for a nominal fee from Paul Valasek


A note on the first page of the original document reads: "Note: the Central Records Section takes no responsibility for the completeness and accuracy of the reprinted lists of losses."


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Sample of a listing:

(Orig) Alszer, Stanislaw, artlerya, chory, 14/I 1915 szp. Czerw. Krzyza Nr. 1 Radetskykas. w Wiedniu


(Trans) Alszer, Stanislaw, artillery, sick, January 14, 1915, Red Cross Hospital No. 1, Radetskykas in Vienna


  K.k. allgemeines Krakenhaus, Wien IX/3, Alserstrasse