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The following article is a direct translation from the classic Genealogical and Heraldic reference "Herbarz Polski" by Kasper Niesiecki S.J., (Lipsk) edition 1839-46.


The shield is divided in half. A ram with horns stands on its hind legs in a field of red on one side, its forelegs and head raised, facing a griffin with green wings on a white field, on the other side of the shield. The animals also stand on the crown above the helmet. A banner with his coat-of-arms can be seen hanging in the great Kwidzynski church. Inscribed on it is: "Pettus BEHM Regni Poloniae Civis."


Wieladek notes that a KAROL BEHM was Canon of Gniezno about 1784. Kuropatnicki lists a WINCENTY BEHM in Galicia on 17 September 1782, who may be related to the Bem family of Kraków where JEDRZEJ BEM, who may have been a judge, was married to Agnieszka Goluchowska, and after her death, to Maryanna Ostafinska, who bore a son, Joseph, in 1795. This Jozef distinguished himself in battle as General of the Artillery.


Copyright © 1984 Josephine M. Piegzik. Used by permission. This article originally appeared in Polish Genealogical Society Newsletter (Vol. 6, No. 2, Fall 1984), the journal of the Polish Genealogical Society (of America).