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The following article is a direct translation from the classic Genealogical and Heraldic reference "Herbarz Polski" by Kasper Niesiecki S.J., (Lipsk) edition 1839-46.


Mention had already been made of the Bialowkorski Family which bears the coat of arms, ABDANK. The MS on the Prussian family line contains this description: the horseshoe is the same as in the DABROWA coat of arms but without the hufnals and with only one cross above it. An eagle's leg is enclosed by the horseshoe. There are three ostrich plumes above the helmet and crown.


Although there is no record of the manner in which this coat of arms was acquired, it is known that Daniel Bialoskorski of Mazowsze married Lazynska who, being the only daughter of Dominik Jarzebinski of Dabrowa, inherited all of the wealth and the coat of arms. His children were Agnieszka, Michal and Jedrzej.  Michal married Jadwiga Nakielska who gave birth to Szczesny, Melchior, and Krzysztof.  His second wife was Agnieszka; their estate is at Wabrzezno.


Krasicki notes that a bird's claw is in the horseshoe and that the plumes were blue, green, and red.


Copyright © 1986 Josephine M. Piegzik. Used by permission. This article originally appeared in Polish Genealogical Society Newsletter (Vol. 8, No. 1, Spring 1986), the journal of the Polish Genealogical Society (of America).