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Haller's Army: Italy 1918 Awards

Medals and Decorations for Independence by former Polish volunteers in Italy. - 1918


The following database is another European source of genealogical military information provided exclusively by PolishRoots. The names below come from an issue of the Polish Veteran magazine, Blekitny Weteran, dated 1937. It details the accomplishments of Polish Veterans serving in Polish units as part of the broader based Haller's Army, along the Italian front. These men were most likely not those recruited in North America, but probably come from liberated Italian POW camps as well as native Poles joining in the fight for Polish Independence. The time frame is February-March 1918 and encompasses the first Polish Cadre of Platoons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 as well as officers from the camp at S. Maria, and an incomplete list of recruits from the Italian front. Those who received awards posthumously are noted.


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