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Haller's Army: Virtuti Militari Awards

List of Those Awarded the Silver Cross of the Military order Virtuti Militari, 5th Class


The following list of soldiers who received the award has been extracted from Regimental histories. Some of these soldiers received it posthumously, and this is indicated in the appropriate column. At this time, no dates are available for the date of the award nor the reason behind it.


These regiments served under General Jozef Haller both in France as well as in Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, and the Ukraine after the Armistice of November 11, 1918. The fighting continued until early 1921, and was commonly called the Polish-Soviet War of 1918-1920.


Further information will be made available as time permits. These lists are exclusive to PolishRoots and are brought to you for additional clues to ancestors who fought to restore Poland to the map of Europe.


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