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From an Anniversary book published by the Lodge


The Society was organized on 14 October 1906.  The organizers were Monika Ejdymt, Krystyna Majkowska and Marja Czyzewska.


The first officers of the Society were as follow: B. Kosinska, president; J. Borciak, vice president;  M. Czyzewska, Financial Secretary; M. Ejdymt,  Recording Secretary; K. Majkowska, Treasurer.


The “Progress” Society  established an aid fund, that in times of illness, a member would receive $5 a week.  The Society has paid benefits in the amount of $3,575; it has contributed to the expansion fund for the Polish Home through Council 53 of the P. N. A. in the amount of $815; to the Gifts of Millions, a collective $100; to the Plebiscite and Children of Wilno, $75; to the Haller Army and the Polish Army, $125; to the Kosciuszko Foundation, $25; for city schools, $150;  for various assistance, $250; to the Home for Aged and Disabled, $25; for flowers to sick members, $205; for Masses in the intention of deceased members, $85; for banquets to numerous societies, $355; to the hospital, dinners of Singing Groups, Falcons, National Defense and other charitable occasions, about $300.


Through the above efforts, that the “Progress” Society takes part in the life of the nation, community, and charities of the local Polonia.


At present the Society numbers 223 adult members, and in the Juvenile Division, 55 members.  Presently the treasurer amounts to about $2,000.


Owing to the development of our circle of ladies, the “Progress” Society boasts of peaceful deliberations and harmonious work which is normal and positive.  It brings profit to the members, Polish Community and our great Polish organizations, namely the Polish National Alliance.


The present officers of the Society constitute: Bronislawa Czyzewska, President; Franciszka Kakulska, Vice President; Julja Szymanowska, Financial Secretary; Eleonora Tuniszewska, Recording Secretary; Zofja Gwiazdowska, Treasurer; Helena Slowakiewicz, Marcela Korkosz, and Monika Ejdymt, Auditors; Agata Maks, Sergeant at Arms; Marja Duzynska, Committee for the Sick; and J. Slowakiewicz, B. Czyzewska, J. Szymanowska, S. Purzycka, B. Witkowska, Delegates to Council No. 53 of the P. N. A.


Copyright © 2005 This translation, by Jerry S. Kucharski, FIC, FICF, is used by permission.