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Pittsburgh Black Sheep Athletic Association

Souvenir from the Annual Valentine Dance of the Black Sheep Athletic Association, Monday Evening, February 14, 1938. Lithuanian Hall on the South Side, (Pittsburgh).



John Multa - President
Stanley Kosmaczewski - Vice-president
Charles Baier - Secretary- Treasurer
Chester Walas - Asst. Treasurer
Walter Majewski - Sargeant at Arms


Casimir Arbasak
Harry Bodura
Alexander Majewski
Melvin Evosavic
Adolph Kwiatkowski
Benjamin Majewski
Michael Bodura
Joseph Conway
Harry Kowalewski
Michael Bodura (#2)
Stanley Glowacki
Edward Sosnowski
Harry Glowacki
Henry Grabowski
Bronko Majewski
Henry Kaczmarski
Frank Kaczmarski
Walter Wrzesinski
Nick Winowich
Stanley Witkoskey
Stanley Wanielista
Frank Glowacki
Frank Kosmaczewski
Joseph Kowalski
Frank Malinski
Steve Tomczyk
Joseph Hagaski
Vincent Multa
Anthony Psuty
Flax Oldynski
Chester Multa
Stanley Guziatis
Stanley Multa
Joseph Multa
Art Schmidt
Leon Spychala
Ike Olesak
Stanley Walas
Joseph Vucic
John Genitis
Jack Stiller
Frank Rack
Walter Kudla
Ted Psuty
Al Cooper


From Barbara Serrino Jakoski: 

I did manage to ask Dad about the Black Sheep Assn. and he said it was a social club and baseball team.   Apparently the club started out with a German Shepherd as a mascot (he didn't say the name of the original club), but changed when he and a friend, Johnny Multa, were driving home from Donora on a back country road.  Johnny saw a black sheep in the field and the idea took hold.  It is a strange name and over the years I meant to ask him what the association did.


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