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Alfabetyczna Lista Ofiar Imiennych

Uwaga. Niniejsza lista obejmuje tych tylko ofiarodawcow, ktorzy w przeciagu calego czasu pracy narodowej zlozyli przynajmniej piec dolarow. Ofiary akladane na chrzcinach, weselach i t.d.do ofiar imiennych sie nie zaliczaja.


Translated the title means "Alphabetical List of Offerings by Name.


"Note. This list includes only those who made offerings of at least five dollars over the course of the whole period of national work. Offerings made for baptisms, weddings, etc. are not included in the offerings.


This was a 5 year program (1914-1919) to raise money in Utica, NY for the Independence of Poland. Thus, these donations were made for that reason. Other donations made to the churches or other projects for whatever the reason must not have been counted. We believe that this was part of the Wydzial Narodowy's effort to re-instate Poland on the map, though it never says that in this work.


Data compiled by Dr. Paul S. Valasek


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