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Polish Orphans in Siberia

List of Donations for "Polish Orphans in Siberia" from June 6 to December 21, 1921


This is primary material and surely is one-of-a-kind. The material comes from a large ledger book in the Archives of the Polish Museum of America. We are looking for input from our viewers to help provide additional information about this material, the drive (or cause?), and about the people listed. Please contact us at PolishRoots if you have any information.


First Name City State Month  Year Amount Comments
Januskiewicz Karol Baxter  WV June 1921  $5.00  
Skinder Antoni Chicago IL June 1921 $2.00  
Frankenthal L.   Chicago IL  June  1921 $4,287.31 From May 3 concert at Orchestra Hall
Lezyk  Franciszek  Chicago  IL   June  1921 $2.00  
Niedbalski  Ks S.E.  Erie  PA  June  1921  $23.00  
Minneapolis Council of Social Agencies   Minneapolis MN July 1921 $708.33   
Michael  R.W.  Marengo  IL   July  1921 $5.00   
Perzqnowski  J.  Wilmington  DE  July  1921  $23.00  Kom. Ob.
Nowinowski  J.  Rochester  NY  July  1921   $13.25 Kom. Ob.
Drag  Milwaukee WI July  1921  $1.00   
Minneapolis Council of Social Agencies   Minneapolis  MN    July 1921 $1,416.66  
Witkowski  J.  Detroit  MI  August  1921  $10.00  
Klub Ob. im T. Kosciuszki    Chicago  IL  August  1921  $105.50  
Szpak  Jozef  St. Charles  IL  August  1921  $2.00   
Japanese Consulate     Seattle WA  August  1921  $56.24  
American Relief Administration        August  1921  $25,000.00   
Izydorczyk  Fr.   Riversville WV  August  1921  $3.00   
John  Joseph  Browerville    August  1921  $10.00  
Piasecka  P.  Chicago  IL  August  1921  $6.00  
Zembal  Karol  Aberdeen  WA  August  1921  $12.00  
Zw. Mlodziezy Polskiej   Chicago  IL  August   1921 $25.00  
Klejna  Ks. I. J.  Rochester  NY  August  1921  $9.00  
Curnaw  Helena  Stafford Springs CT  August  1921  $1.00   
Jagodzinski  J.  Brown Deer  WI  August   1921 $4.50   
Leszczynski  A.D.  Chicago  IL  August  1921  $2.00   
Rady Zarzadzajacej   Chicago IL  September  1921  $120.00  Z plenarnego posiedzenia
N.N.    South Bend  IN  September  1921  $35.00   
Rajska  Jadwiga  Milwaukee  WI  September  1921  $9.00  
Wolowska  L.  Chicago   IL September  1921  $29.90  z bazaru aliantow
Zebrowska  Helena  Chicago  IL  September  1921   $15.00  
Minneapolis Council of Social Agencies   Minneapolis  MN   November 1921  $708.33   
Rozplochowski  J.  South Bend  IN  November  1921  $50.00  Kom. Ob.
Bruzewski  Ks. S.G.  Auburn  MI?   November 1921  $56.20   
Banner  F.S.  Chicago  IL  November  1921  $10.00  
M.  Pani Fr.  Chicago   IL November  1921  $5.00   
Ceranski  Ks. J.  Du Bois  IL  December  1921  $100.00  
Minneapolis Council of Social Agencies    Minneapolis  MN  December   1921 $1,416.66  
St. Stanislaus School     Bosswell  PA    December 1921 $10.34  


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